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WeMatter.com is a position neutral: "Virtual Town Meeting", Internet hub site, Open Source Democracy, for: Learning about various "sides" of issues, Discussing these issues, Developing consensus proposals, and Interacting with our government allow it to be more representative of our opinions. The site is a portal that points to the other sites that discuss the issues, Pro, Con, etc., hosts discussion groups, polls, and maintains representative records on these issues. See: Open Source Democracy

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This site is preliminary, thus many links are non operational. Its design is discussed in
, and all feedback is appreciated: Comment at Wematter.com


Newt Gingrich's 21st Century Contract with America

Harry Reid's 9 Senate bills for a better America (from DailyKos)

Power voter (Evaluations of candidates ...)

09/23/2004 --The Congressional Evaluation Project, 2004 -- by Kit Mason

09/07 2004 -- The economics of happiness: what does it all mean? -- discussion of studies showing that the modern world is not much happier than times past.

08/24/2004. -- Is copyright necessary? by Terrence A. Maxwell


See the specific issues for more news on each issue

Issues of Interest:
  • Sudan -- There have been hundred's of thousand's of people killed in the Sudan and so far neither the UN or the US or other organizations have been able to stop this "genocide", An issue page has been opened to consider requesting that George Bush and John Kerry get together to agree on a bipartisan policy and get the US and UN behind such a proposal. June 23, 2004
  • Digital Access policy -- How should the access to Digital media be encouraged while protecting the rights of the Copyright holders and the infrastructure profits.
    • Copyright -- How can the the Content providers be protected while preserving the Right to Free Use
    • Freedom to Link -- Should Electronic references, "http://" links be considered "Fair Use"
    • Internet Policy -- How should we control the access and content on the Internet
    • Internet Radio -- How should the streaming Internet radio sited be charged and controlled
    • Law -- How the laws of the United states are effected by international treaties
  • Proposals -- A page of My thoughts as to some things that might be done
  • Social Security -- During the next century Social Security will not be able to pay full benefits if the rates are left alone and the GDP projected growth is less that 2%/year, what does that mean, and what actions should be taken and when.
{More ...}

Radical Center

The Radical Center "Movement" Wikipedia definition seems to be an attempt to take American politics toward a centrism that currently doesn't exist in an electoral sense. Since this seems to be close to what WeMatter.com is trying to do, so I am pointing so some references to the material that I think is relevant to that set of thoughts: Please E-mail me if I am in error in missing these links or missing others.



  • Centrist Coalition is a gathering place for moderate Americans who have a certain distinct vision of political leadership in our country. <Discussion Group>, <Resources>
  • New America Foundation ... to bring exceptionally promising new voices and new ideas to the fore of our nation's public discourse.
  • Radical Centrism is developing a vision of civil society that is both rooted (radical) in Reality and balanced (centered) between the conservative emphasis on Character and the liberal vision of Community.
  • Third Way is the latest in a series of organizations aimed at rescuing Democrats from the perception that they have lost touch with middle-class voters, See:
  • Right Leaning Organizations
    • Cato Institute -- seeks to broaden the parameters of public policy debate to allow consideration of the traditional American principles of limited government, individual liberty, free markets and peace.
  • Left Leaning Organizations

Political Position

There are a number of Quizs (Tests) that show a person, or other's leanings these are available at links/quiz . The simplest one is that by the Libertarian party, Political Position Quiz (10 questions)

  • Libertarian vs. Authoritarian,
  • Left vs. Right.
Recently an author has introduced a 3-rd dimention into this classification system. This is discussed in
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I have set up a Yahoo Group mailing list and a Blog for this site. When this project is in full operation, I plan to E-mail anyone who was interested in it that the project is up and running and then to use this list for further WeMatter.com information, with the old subscribers being able to resign or continue to receive information abut the WeMatter.com site

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This site is only a preview of the final site, with missing pages, etc.

The book will probably be publshed as a Collaborative books - under what I call a GPLCC license

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