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How should access to the Internet be controlled

The high speed access to the Internet is available by a small number of channels, many of which are "Natural" manopolies, e.g. Cable Modem, DSL, etc. There is a movement to eliminate the requirement that the suppliers of the chanels allow the users to access the Internet through more than the suppliers ISP, thus alowing the supplier to restrict the sites that the user can access, the browser that he can use, etc.

Laws, Suites, and Bills:


My Proposal:

If the FCC and the Federal government do not want to require the High Speed internet channel providers to allow the users access to the Internet via a number of ISP's, then they should allow the local agencies, Local and State goverments, to set the specifications for the channels that use the local right of ways. Thus I would suggest that the FCC standards and H.R. 1542 be changed to state that the local Internet channel suppliers, e.g. Cable Modems and DSL's be un-regulated by the federal goverment, but that their access, reliability, etc. standards can be controled by the local agencies, State and Municipal, that oversee the right of ways.

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October 4, 2002 16:23