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Forum (on Kerry's site)

Information and discussion of the Sudan genocide and of a proposal to George Bush and John Kerry to meet and propose a way for America and the UN to help solve this problem.

To be sent to; San Jose Mercury, George Bush Campaign, John Kerry Campaign, Anna G Eshoo

Dear Mr. Bush and Kerry

    I am reading about the upcoming crises in the Sudan and would like you, as my presidential candidates, to take a few hours off from you (re-)election schedule and put the weight of the United States behind solving this problem. It seems to me that this action should probably be taken by the UN, though if America can assist I think it would be appropriate.

    It seems reasonable that you would get together and jointly commit US resources and request the UN to call a special session to authorize sufficient aid and military forces to prevent this genocide type disaster.

    This letter suggests that others also send requests to you to move forward on this and look forward to hearing from you as to what actions you feel you can take.

    A site is being setup, http://www.WeMatter.com/sudan.htm  containing this letter, links to other information resources on this topic and addresses where to fill out a Petition on the issue and where to contact the candidates.



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