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The WeMatter.com site is one of a set of sites that is being developed to allow people to interact with their government "outside" of the current government structure. As time proceeds the "community" of these sites may develop a good, short description of this movement. At this time (10/09/2004) the best title for the movement in my mind is "Open Source Democracy <Google>", as popularized by Douglas Rushkoff. This page is meant to be a set of links to various materials on this movement.

Note: As part of the Open Source movement there will be a lot of sites that provide information about issues, etc. and the ones that I have found are contained in the WeMatter.com/links area, and specifically those that are meant to contain discussion and rating informaition are in the "rating" area.

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August 5, 2005 16:12

DNNA, Gas tax, Numbers, Patio (Side) (Cover) (re-format)