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Last Updated -- April 26, 2003 18:30

Any FEEDBACK on Format, Content, Tactics or Strategy, etc. would be appreciated, Please: Mail to me . The suggestions are stored here

4 -- Apr 26, 2003 -- User_3

My quick review of the site leaves me a little puzzled as to whether you are putting together a "neutral" site focusing on information and links (like Newsbatch) or whether you are also interested in advocating a point of view on the issues.

I have tried to clarify the fact that the site is a portal site, and thus a way of enablinig the citizens independant of their position. If the site succeeds it will be a place that people of different points of view go to and learn about various opinions that they agree and disagree with and then as they decide what they believe in, will be able to take action. It is similar to Newsbatch, but I hope to have an interaction with the members in determining what issues are important, getting them summarized, linked to specific position sites, moderating discussion groups on the issues, developing proposals, etc. I see this as a coordiation site, that services, or links to:

  • Sites focusing on information
  • Position sites
  • Virtual representatives (e.g. the members would, I think choose various people who might represent their positions on issues and thus would moderate the discussios, help in developing proposals, determine which votes were Pro, or Con the positions, etc.)
    • Discussion forums
    • Proposal development moderated areas
    • Representative voting records and Candidate positons,
    • etc.

Obviously I don't know how to make it work, or then get it publisized and staffed, but that will come... (MLL)

3 -- Oct. 25, 2002 -- User_2

Ensure that all references are to "she/he" or "them", rather than to "he" to be gender sensitive, etc.

I will go through the current material and change the existing references and be more sensitive in the future (MLL)

2 -- Oct. 25, 2002 -- User_1

Hi Mike, I am reading Stallman's new book about the GNU free documentation license. "It is a form of copyleft intended for use on a manual, textbook other document". I think when you say about gpl-ing your future book, you actually mean to fdl your book.

I will need to be educated as I am unsure what the difference between a GPL license, a Copyleft license, and a FDL license. (MLL)

The Origin and Practice of "Copyleft", Google_Search

I assume that you are correct and that in a while I will change the license, but at this time, more people sort of understand GPL, so I will probably leave it as is stands for a while until I understand it better or until the CreativeCommons does some more work. (MLL)

1 --Sept. 08, 2002 -- User_1

  1. The "WeMatter.com" icon should have more contrast, Green is a bad color

    I'm thinking aobut it, but need more feedback to convince me to change it, I am lightening the green to improve the contrast. (MLL)

  2. There needs to be a better reason fom people to come to the site

    Agreed.... TBD

1 --August 29, 2002 11:43 AM -- User_1

  1. A brief introduction of yourself was not available when I first visited your website.
  2. See: People August 29, 2002 (MLL)

  3. You leave several links blank, including "sponsor". This may make others think the website is unfinished or not well-maintained.

    I have put some "Disclaimer on the HOME page, and changed the sponsor, I think, to the People page, but I think that it is easier to let the links be undefined rather than pointing to a general Undefined-Page, and then having to change the pointers as I write the page. The site is unfinished not gist not well-maintained. August 29, 2002 (MLL)

  4. I don't have a clear idea how you can accomplish your goal, why the representatives and the people need you as an intermediary.

    This is going to take some time. I am pointing to the abstract, but it will need a lot of work. August 29, 2002 (MLL)

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