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Reasons for developing the WeMatter.com site

Note: These will be discussed in more detail in {the-book} itself, and its subsequent sections, summarized below.

    1. Problem -- There is a disconnect between the US citizens and their government. We citizens are seeming more and more discouraged with the actions of our Government as it seems to jump from one failed (or partially successful) policy to another.

    2. Reasons -- The polices do not seem to be are not the result of considered citizen thought but are developed, enacted by special interest groups. The some of the obvious reasons for these problems are:
      1. The accountability of our representatives is legally limited to a Yes or No vote, once every election period, with manor pressures to reduce even the effectiveness of via Incumbent districting,
      2. The Cost of elections, etc.
      3. The separation of the Representative from the people, for example, the Senators who determine federal policy are elected by a large number of people, thus, one person's vote is relatively unimportant, and only those in the district of a Senator who is on the proper committee will be listened to for the proposals that are relevant to that committee.

    3. Solutions -- As this is not a new problem, many solutions have been proposed, which the author feels have major problems, all the way from a strict Libertarian approach that proposes that the government be so limited that it is irrelevant that it is divorce from the people to an electronic direct government approach that proposes that all issues be decided by the population directly via Internet voting. The Internet should allow people to gather together, virtually, to effect their government, but it currently does not provide the "architecture" so that they do, but generally leads them off in their own little worlds that have no influence on the government.

    4. Solution -- The author's proposes to develop a political hub site that allows people to "virtually" get together so that they can learn from each other, speak as a united voice based on their positions to their representatives, and then see how their representatives voted and support them based on this record. The site is to be a central area that lists the issues and coordinates the special interest sites, BLOGs, Petitions, and record sites so that people can use the site to learn and cooperate on issues.
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