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A listing of the Motions proposed in the Palo Alto City Council
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13-Jan-2003 10-Feb-2003 10-Mar-2003 14-Apr-2003 12-May-2003  
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The motions voted on in the Palo Alto City council meetings, Jan 1 - June 31 2003, are shown below, with their:

This page is a Quick and Dirty Copy/Paste from the official minutes and will be compleated and corrected as errors are found. Please Email: Mike Liveright, as you do find corections or suggestions.

02-Jun-2003 25 pages

19-May-2003 24 pages

12-May-2003 31 pages ??Bad Paged??

05-May-2003 - 16 pages

21-Apr-2003 35 pages

14-Apr-2003 32 pages

31-Mar-2003 35 pages

17-Mar-2003 34 pages

10-Mar-2003 24 pages

03-Mar-2003 27 pages

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