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  1. Identification-- The first stage is to identify that International Intellectual Property is important to our members. As they visit the site, to read the news about the current issues and to discuss them, they, and the staff, will start agreeing that it seems important to learn about and develop a policy on the treatment of Intellectual Property between nations. This agreement will come from E-mail and discussion from our members, and other visitors and from the perusing of the news by our staff.

  2. Construction -- Once the issue is defined as an IoI, a staff member, or perhaps a volunteer, will be assigned to "build" an area of the site to host this issue. This area will consist of:

    1. A tag headline, e.g. "How Microsoft is Colonizing China", that summarizes the issue so that it will attract the attention of the visitors to the site.

    2. A description of the issue, e.g. "There is a growing question as to how to control and price Intellectual Property, IP, such as Drugs and Software which is developed mainly in the Developed countries and may be used and further developed in the non developed countries. There is a conflict between the natural requirement that the Creator and Distributor of the IP get sufficient profit and control so that they will satisfy their requirements to their stockholders and have sufficient resources to do future development, and the need to have the users and countries to be able to get sufficient access and control so that they can profit from the IP product, even though their income is too low to pay "Full Price" and so that their development is not crippled by depending on the natural semi-monopoly of the original owners." -- This description will be written by the staff to, as reasonably as possible, to represent the issue unbiasedly

    3. Primary Positions will be identified, and special interest groups and sites, will be contacted. Once the issue is identified the most influential groups who have an interest with respect to the issue will be contacted. They will contribute short descriptions of their positions on the issue, links to their sites for more detail, etc. In this case, I might expect that the primary sites might be the World Trade Organization, A Drug company association, The software publishers association, The Chinese Internet and Society Center {TBD}, etc.

    4. Secondary Links will be identified, e.g. any "secondary" groups that are interested in the issue will be identified and linked to as well a some articles and news on the issues.

    5. A Discussion group, Blog, will be setup to help the visitors learn about the issue, to start to develop a consensus set of positions, etc.

    6. Member notification will then be done based on the profile of each member. As part of the member registration, a member will identify their interest in issues, by giving a set of "search" words that they want to be notified about, and whether they want to be notified on new IoI's as they are identified. The members whose interest pattern matches either New Issues, or, say "IP" or "International", etc. will get E-mail immediately, or as they have specified when the issue area is build.

  3. Operation -- Once an issue is identified and an area is build for it, then it will be operated for the benefit of the site's members.

    1. The discussion group will be moderated. The initial postings will be put in the thread that the author wants them in, but then the issue staff person will review the posting, and as needed discuss it with the author, to:

      1. Note: The moderator will be responsible for identifying topics, e.g. "Non developed countries's population, income, etc.", "Effects of more or less IP control on non developed countries", "Effects of more or less IP Control on developed countries and their IP Creators", "Concessions Positions", "Other", and summarizing the discussions, pointing to the messages that clarify the topics, and stating the developing consensus positions.

      2. Determine if the posting is in the right thread and has a descriptive title, See above.

      3. Check that the posting is a contribution to the topic or a flame, and try to ensure that the language is appropriate and that there is no Copyright or other legal problem.
      4. Note: We will only make such alterations as approved by the author, but reserve the right to add a staff comment as well as, if legally required, remove a posting.

      5. Decide if there is an emerging set of Positions that can be attached to the discussion group so that it can be voted upon, and if so set up a Poll on these positions. In this case the positions might be Non developed country citizens should pay: Only for the production costs of the IP media, For IP in proportion to their median income, The same as developed countries as may be required by WTO treaties, More to reflect the additional support required.

    2. The links will be added to as more sites want to be identified with the issue and have information that they want to communicate with the visitors. If a site is to be linked in, then they will have to provide a sentence description of their position, an E-mail contect, etc. so that our visitors can determine if they want to go to the site and get questions answered, etc.

    3. Presenters will be scheduled to talk on the issue, either via streaming video, Chat, or other interactive technique. The members will be able to discuss the issue and a record of this will be linked in to the issue after it is complete. Some presenters might be: A Chinese Government IP official, an Expert on Chinese IP practice, a WTO lawyer, an Economics professor , a Drug Company spokesman, etc.

      Note: Our members will be notified, as they desire, by E-mail, when an issue that they are concerned with has new information, as they are notified when such an issue is identified.

  4. Influence -- As soon as the issue is reasonably defined and positions set, the members preferences will be communicated to the Influential leaders. In this case the leaders who might be interested are: The Party managers, the elected and appointed representatives of the people, the managers of the companies who have IP, the Global leaders who set IP policy, etc.

  5. History -- The site will maintain a record of the sponsors of bills that relate to the issue, the way the the representatives amended the bills and plan to vote or have voted on them, and any positions and commitments that candidates and other groups such as political parties expressed relative to the issues.
    1. Our visitors will be be able write to their representative, other representatives, parties, etc. based on their positions on the issues that they are concerned with.
    2. Our visitors will be able to contribute money to the people and organizations who support their positions.
    3. Our visitors will be able to "get out in the streets" to support or oppose people and organizations based on their positions.

Thus the benefit of the site is that it will provide a central "Virtual Town Hall", a political hub site, to allow the people to identify, learn about, and influence their representatives. It is not meant to be a replacement for the News sources, the Special Interest groups, etc., but just to allow people to gather together so that they can be an effective influence on their government despise the problems in the current system.


Members: Some of the people who visit the site will have registered, e.g. provided socioeconomic information, and contributed to the operation of he site. These members will be able to influence which issues the site is concerned with as well as being able to register their opinions effectively as their opinions will be able to be adjusted to reflect the demographics of the voting population.

Registration: Part of the membership is that a member may register his personal information and his interests, as well as his E-mail and WEB address, as desired. These will be used to adjust the members votes so that the representatives can be informed as to the position of the general population on issues, not just those who voted at the site. Other member information will be used to inform the member when something that they are interested in has occurred, e.g. A new Issue of Importance, a News item, a Potential Government actions..., as well as allowing a member to publish information to the world or be anonymous, The information will be private to the site and will be destroyed, unless otherwise Opted-In, if the site's status changes.

Visitors: More people will visit the site than are registered and paid members. The site will, I hope be interesting to them, but in some sense they will be parasites as they are anonymous and can not direct the site or have their votes be properly adjusted as do the site members.











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