I believe that XOtek would benefit from having an InterNet presence and that it is inexpensive to generate a simple set of pages so that people who would like to communicate with you can do it via the internet.

As you can see I have generated a few pages, as a sub part of my own site in a few hours. Obviously they can be cleaned up, corrected, etc. but I hope that it gives you the feeling of what can be done. (If you want me to remove the material, please contact me and of course I will do so)


If you did want such a site then the plan would be:

  1. Obtain a separate address, e.g. xotek.biz thru any web hosting system, e.g. the one I use, Catalog.com [Note: the cost of this is $35.00/year for a minimum site]

    (xotek.com is currently reserved, but I could look into purchasing it if you wanted?)

  2. Have someone build a site, with a simple front page and
    1. links to clean copies of your ads, or other more sophisticated graphics,
    2. links to the various companies that your customers might be interested,
    3. links to an Email address that people could sent questions, drawings ... to (Note: The best thing would be to have a DLS connection at your office [Est: $50.00/month or less] to communicate with your customers via Email), but it is possible to purchase an Email to Fax system that would allow your customers Emails to appear on your FAX machine.


  3. As you wanted, improve the site etc.


As I am playing around, retired, I could assist you on this. As you see, the cost of getting up and running with a minimum site might be very inexpensive, if you feel that the pages I generated are useful, feel free to take them for your initial site and I can get you up and running. If you felt that it was worth while to improve the site you might:

  1. Have one of your people manage the site, update it and improve it. -- If the objective is a simple site, then this is relatively easy to do, if you want a complex site, then it will of course take more work.
  2. Have me get the initial domain, copy the material that I generated and update it, as your original site and then as you want have me manage it.
  3. or Have a professional do it. -- This is obviously the most expensive way to do it, but also it may be more attractive.


Regardlessof what you do decide to do, I would suggest that at least one of your people manage the project and have the capability to make small changes, etc. and that you consider starting out small and inexpensively, just to be able to "point" to an InterNet presence, and then if you want to improve that can be done later.