Mike Liveright

Computer Systems and Network Administrator

260 Byron Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94301

(650) 323-2028 mailto:mll@usa.net


Operate a cost effective computer network., i.e. the day to day hands on operation, installation, planning, and acquisition of computing resources for the company, as well as the development and installation of software tools required to make the users most productive.

General Experience:

Positions: Systems and Network Administrator and Manager, Program Manager, Programmer, Analyst
Operating Systems: UNIX, HP-UX, Sun/OS, VAX/VMS, Mac-OS, PC-DOS, Windows
Machines: SUN, HP,VAX, Macintosh, IBM 360, IBM PC, PDP-11, CDC...
Networks: TCP/IP: Telnet, FTP, NFS, Mail, DecNet,
Applications: Software Tools, Interpreters, Real Time Systems, OR
Languages: Shell scripts, C, FORTRAN, Assembly, ALGOL, APL, Perl
Organizations: Sun User's Group, SEF, A/32

Specific Experience:

1997 - 2000 -- Systems Administrator,  Equator Technology, Campbell, CA

During the last few years I have been  determining the File Server and Backup policies and hardware for a growing startup company as well as co-supporting the day by day operation of Equators Media Chip development engineers.

Our environment consists of about 150 HP work stations, 80 PC's etc., distributed over 4 geographic locations. My primary task is to support the UNIX users in their use of the EDA tools and hardware as will as providing the infrastructure to ensure that they can get access to these tools.

1995-1997 -- Special Projects  Manager, L.S. I. Logic, Milpitas, CA

I managed a number of special projects for the Engineering department. These will provide the services that are needed by all the Engineering departments within L.S.I. and the individual departments do not have the  resources to do on their own.

1991 - 1995 -- Systems Administration Manager, L.S. I. Logic, Milpitas, CA

I lead a team of 3 system administrators to support over 200 engineers mainly using SUN computer for semi-conductor chip design. The network consists of workstations for each engineer, 300 Gb of central file server storage, a number of network bridges and gateways, a few Macintosh personal computers, Auspex file servers, Dec alphas, Mips, etc. all interconnected to the corporate network of over 1000 computers.

When I came to work the network was crashing every few days, bringing down 20% of the workstations for periods of up to an hour. Currently, the network is too stable, in that I find it difficult to schedule time to upgrade it because the engineers are running overlapping jobs that take over a week. In addition to designing and implementing corporate wide scripts for coordinating our alias systems and working with the other System Administrators to design the next generation of networks and backups, We are responsible for the standard tasks of:

1988 - 1990 -- Systems Administrator, VERITY Inc., Mountain View, CA

Built and operated the computing environment of the company to serve he 50 users within the Development, Testing, Production, and Sales departments. The network consisted of 20 UNIX CPU's, ( Sun's, IBM RS6000, HP 9000, DecStations, VaxStations), as well 4 VMS/VAXs, 20 MacIntoshes, 20 IBM PCs, DOS, Windows, OS/2, XENIX and UNIX. The responsibilities of this job were similar to the S.C.T. job, but on a smaller scale.

1973 - 1988 -- Systems Administrator, Computer Center Manager, etc.
Systems Control Technology, Palo Alto, CA

Planned, established, and ran the computing facilities for S.C.T., a company of 150 people. This was initially a single person center and developed into a 3 person center who were responsible for operation of the 3 VMS VAXs, 3 UNIX CPU's, about 20 Macintoshes, 5 PCs, associated networks, terminals, etc.

Project Manager, Systems Control Technology

Designed, co-developed, and managed the project for the systems code required to control a multi-computer real-time signal analysis laboratory, ESPS. This code allowed the experiment to be dynamically defined to suit the data analysis needs of various engineers.

Co-developed the editor and real time system for a distributed signal processing computing complex, ARC, and took over the management of the ongoing development and maintenance of the software.

Scientific Programmer, Systems Control Technology

Developed the microcode for the Floating Point Systems, FPS AP-120B, array processor to determine the optimum distribution of power in an electrical grid.

Other Projects

Education and Citizenship

M.I.T.  -- M.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Chicago   -- B.S. Physics
U.S. Citizen    -- Held Secret  Clearance

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